PUBlic Professor Series | Dr. Craig Coburn

Understanding the Complexities of Imaging the Earth: The Challenge of Image Calibration

Dr. Craig Coburn, Department of Geography & Environment

The goal of any Earth observation system is to provide calibrated, consistent measurements of Earth’s surface features. Sensor radiometric calibration is the most important component of quantitative applications in remote sensing. Sensors are calibrated prior to launch and checked post launch but indirect approaches that use Earth surface targets have become increasingly important as reference targets to characterize changes in sensors over time as well as to provide a consistent source for the intercomparison and cross-calibration of sensors.

While a seemingly simple task, these measurements are essential for all Earth observations systems that seek to quantify Earth surface characteristics. The end result is the conversion of images into data that are used daily to monitor and map our world. Dr. Craig Coburn discussed his involvement in a multi-University and NASA-lead team seeking to develop an absolute radiometric calibration site in North America. Read the full story here.

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