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Dr. Sienna Caspar  |  October 26, 2023

Person-centred care from rhetoric to reality: exploring the role of knowledge translation and mobilization in healthcare

The movement away from task-oriented care toward person-centred care (i.e., care based on residents’ individualized care needs and preferences) is considered by many to be essential to both the quality of care and quality of life of people residing in long-term, residential care homes, especially of those who have Alzheimer disease or a related dementia. The consistent provision of person-centred care is widely recognized as the goal of the residential care culture change movement. In this talk, I will share four key findings from over a decade of research that help us to understand the intervention factors that best support the uptake of practice and culture change initiatives aimed at increasing the provision of person-centred care.  I’ll conclude this conversation with an exploration of the organizational systems that have supported or hindered my knowledge translation and mobilization efforts in healthcare settings. 

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