PUBlic Professor Series | Dr. Kent Peacock

Alberta in the Anthropocene

Dr. Kent Peacock, Department of Philosophy

The human impact on the oceans, atmosphere, and life itself on this planet is so massive that it defines a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene.

During my PUBlic Professor talk I’ll review the disquieting evidence for this claim and explore its philosophical and practical implications, both good and bad, for Alberta.

As the world moves rapidly into the new, non-carbon economy it will be possible for our province to create a sustainable prosperity that is not dependent upon cash flow from the sale of dwindling natural resources. But Albertans have to be willing to see the big picture. We cannot hope to continue business as usual in isolation from the powerful environmental factors that are shaping our world today. Learn more about Dr. Peacock's big picture view of Alberta's future.

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