PUBlic Professor Series | Dr. Robbin Gibb

The Forgotten Parent: The Importance of Fathers and Their Experience on the Brain Development of their Children

Dr. Robbin Gibb, Department of Neuroscience

Experience has a profound effect on the developing brain. It is known that Mothers have a tremendous influence on their babies but the role of Fathers is less well studied. The fundamentals of brain development and the science of epigenetics: the study of gene environment interactions will be summarized. The paternal influence on both placenta and brain development will be reviewed. It is clear, that a Father’s lifestyle prior to conception has a profound influence on their offspring. It is time health care professionals and policy makers were made aware that they are ignoring half of the parental equation. By revising societal views on paternal contributions to offspring development we can effect changes in health policy targeting public awareness. A more holistic family focus will benefit children by improving both mental and physical health outcomes. Read the full research story here.

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