Appointment process

Postdoctoral candidates come to the attention of, and are selected by, faculty members through a number of different methods, including direct communication.

To help find postdoctoral opportunities or find a supervisor at the University of Lethbridge:


Step 1: Recruitment and selection process

If you've found an opportunity that aligns with your research interests and expertise, you should follow up with the potential supervisor.

The supervisor will confirm that you are eligible for appointment, and will work with you to reach a tentative agreement regarding appointment details. You will be asked to submit documentation such as a CV, evidence of doctoral degree completion, or a brief research proposal.


Step 2: Offer of appointment

Your supervisor will send you an offer of appointment for you to review. If you accept, submit a signed copy of the Offer of Appointment to your supervisor.


Step 3: Complete the appointment paperwork

Congratulations! Provide your supervisor with the following documents to complete your appointment:

  • Signed offer of appointment
  • Completed Personal Information form
  • Completed Direct Deposit form (if applicable)

International postdocs: You need to provide a copy of the biographical page of your passport, as well as a copy of your current work permit and SIN, if available.

Your supervisor will work with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to complete the hiring process.