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Dr. Sandra Dixon

February 29, 2024:
Dr. Sandra Dixon is a Registered Psychologist and an Associate Professor at the University of Lethbridge in the Faculty of Education

Owning my Voice and Speaking my Truth in Academic Spaces 

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PUBlic Professor Series: Melissa Shouting & Christine Clark

"Technology can work against us, or we can harness it and use it … from a perspective that’s ours as Blackfoot people.”
~ Ki'naksaapo'p, Narcisse Blood
Late activist, educator, filmmaker, visionary and Blackfoot Elder from the Kainai Nation

The web is an integral part of our digital lives and, like all media, website design and development is a reflection of cultural values. This reflection influences what we see on a website and what we don’t; ways for us interact with it and ways to prevent site interaction. This talk explores ways we're reshaping the web with Indigenous worldviews, creating cultural revitalization, renewal and relationship building. The talk also examines ways this reshaping connects with holistic concepts of health and well-being for Indigenous communities.  

Melissa Shouting (BHSc ’19) is a registered member of the Kainai (Blood) Nation. A researcher and program coordinator in the ULethbridge Faculty of Health Sciences, Shouting focuses on centering Siksikaitsitapi paradigms within research practices that can be deployed by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers. Shouting collaborates with her home community to engage in research on Indigenous health and gender-based violence against Indigenous populations. The International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry recognized Shouting as its 2022 Emerging Indigenous Researcher & Scholar. Locally, she provides bias and cultural sensitivity training to organizations in the Lethbridge-area.   

Christine Clark (BFA - New Media ’10, MFA ’14) is an Associate Professor of Web Design and Development in the Faculty of Fine Arts' Department of New Media. Descended from prairie settlers, she was born and raised on Blackfoot Territory. Clark bases her research and creative practice in collaborative design promoting decolonization and environmental sustainability at local levels. Currently, she's working with Melissa Shouting and many others on the Mootookakio'ssin [MOO-DOO-KAK-IO-SIN] research project. The project is an international collaboration helping people world-wide access Blackfoot items held in European museums via digital technologies including photogrammetry, RTI and web-based interfaces. Explore these Blackfoot items and learn more about the project at

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2023-2024 PUBlic Professor Series schedule


February 29, 2024

Owning my Voice and Speaking my Truth in Academic Spaces

Dr. Sandra Dixon

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March 28, 2024

Why is the Brain Important?

Dr. Rob Sutherland

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Past talk: September 28, 2023

Recent Trends in the Food Industry

Dr. Digvir Jayas

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Past talk: October 26, 2023

Person-centred Care from Rhetoric to Reality

Dr. Sienna Caspar

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Past talk: November 23, 2023

Borders are Stupid

Dr. Sheila McManus

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Past talk: January 25

Weaving World Views: The Web as a Space for Cultural Vitality

Melissa Shouting (BHSc '19) & Christine Clark (BFA - New Media '10, MFA '14)

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Community outreach is a priority for the University of Lethbridge. Dissemination of faculty research expertise to a wider community through programs and activities such as talks, lab visits, youth and family activities, and in-school presentations has been delivered with great success over the years.

In June 2014, the Faculty of Arts & Science launched something special: the PUBlic Professor Series. Fast forward to 2023, and we're thrilled to announce that we've expanded the series to include talks by researchers from across the University. This monthly lecture series is designed to spark thought-provoking discussions and bring a diverse group of experts and researchers from our campus right into the community.

While the size of the series has grown, its core mission remains unchanged. These talks will continue to offer valuable insights into topics that pique interest, inspire questions, and foster open and engaging conversations. The PUBlic Professor Series provides an excellent opportunity for the community to come together, connect with one another, and dive into meaningful discussions.

This series is a natural extension of the popular Public Professor column, co-edited by Dan Johnson and James Linville, which you may have enjoyed reading in the Lethbridge Herald. Over the span of three years, they published a total of 146 regular Saturday columns, each penned by our talented faculty, sharing intriguing aspects of their research with you.

Together, let’s explore the fascinating world of knowledge, one conversation at a time.

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Working together to support Blackfoot Ways of Knowing, Learning and Being

The web is an integral part of our digital lives and, like all media, website design and development is a reflection of cultural values. This reflection influences what we see on a website and …

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