PUBlic Professor Series | Dr. David Naylor

Why invest in space exploration?

Dr. David Naylor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

Over the last two decades Dr Naylor has led Canada’s involvement in the Herschel/SPIRE and SPICA/Safari space missions. Prior to this he worked at the European Space Agency on the ISO/ LWS mission. With space exploration missions costing between 1 and 10 B$, he is often asked “Why should we spend money on these projects when there are so many problems here on Earth?”

His lecture will provide his unique perspective on this question. He will review the current state of international space exploration activities and briefly review Canada’s space exploration program.

He will discuss lesser appreciated benefits that arise from space exploration and present a few specific examples of innovations that we take for granted that came directly from the space program. He will conclude with a discussion of three innovations that have spun off from the space missions in which he has been involved; two of which are being commercialized in Lethbridge.

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