We are one of Canada's leading research universities


in medical and science grants in Canada

(Maclean's 2020)


University, primarily undergraduate category

(Maclean's 2021)

Top 3

Primarily undergraduate universities in Canada

(Research InfoSource 2019)


Research university overall in Canada

(Maclean's 2020)

$15.78M in sponsored research revenue, up 21% since 2012.

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Distinguished faculty

We are proud to celebrate the accolades that many of researchers have received in recognition of their work in the natural sciences, health sciences, social sciences, humanities and creative arts.

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Research Chairs

A Research Chair is a prestigious appointment used by the University of Lethbridge to attract and retain world-class scholars in a variety of disciplines.

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Faculty awards & honours

Our researchers, from all disciplines, have won prestigious national and international awards, honours, prizes and fellowships; and have been elected to groups that recognize outstanding scholarship and achievement.

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Core Facilities

The University of Lethbridge has established specialised core facilities with the common goal of advancing scientific research through the shared use of state-of-the-art research equipment and expertise. 

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Centres and Institutes

The University of Lethbridge is home to many world-class research centres and institutes, fostering excellence in research by facilitating collaboration between researchers within and across disciplines.

Research Stories

Education Research on Place-conscious Pedagogy: Creating Curriculum from Local Perspectives with Dr. Sharon Pelech

“I remember trying to teach my students about biomes—they looked at me like I had an extra head,” says Dr. Sharon Pelech of her first teaching job. “Then I took them for a walk ...”

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Dr. Lance Grigg: teaching, research, authentic engagement, and chess for life

As he looks back on his 26 years at the University of Lethbridge, it is clear Dr. Grigg has valued his time in a space that allowed for participation in a rich research and …

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Faculty Friday | Dr. Inge Genee, linguist

Reflecting on our history and actively working on the Calls to Action set out by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission cannot be a once a year event. We connected with someone who, as part …

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Undergraduate Research Profile: Alex Smith

In this undergraduate research profile, we highlight the work that Alexandra Smith is doing to research variation in the Blackfoot language.

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Undergraduate Research Profile: Megan Smith

In this undergraduate research profile, we highlight the work that Megan Smith is doing to research one of the TRC's Calls to Action.

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A Year of Grace and Patience: Taking on Covid-19 as a First-time Principal: Matthew Bekkering (BSc '06, BEd '08, MEd '17)

Lethbridge Pronghorns Basketball captain returned to the UofL to pursue a master’s in educational leadership after serving in roles as an informal school leader for seven years. “I wanted a more clear-eyed understanding of …

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Exploring Decolonization in Education with Master's Student Ashley Ens (BMgt '16)

Master of Science in Management student Ashley Ens (BMgt '16) talks about the grief that drove her to pursue post-secondary, the ways in which we can disrupt and decolonize the academy and …

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Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Arianna Kuhn

Dr. Arianna Kuhn joined the U of L in May of 2021 as a postdoctoral fellow of the Lee-Yaw lab in the Department of Biological Sciences. This summer she is excited to study the genetics …

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Monica Lockett

In our last undergraduate research profile for the summer, we turn our focus to the student behind the scenes of these articles: Monica Lockett.

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