PUBlic Professor Series | Dr. Julie Lee-Yaw

POSTPONED: We have made the difficult decision to reschedule this talk until we can resume the PUBlic Professor Series in the format it was always intended, in person. We miss you and can't wait to see you again at the Sandman Signature Lethbridge Lodge to socialize and share while connecting with research experts across disciplines from the University of Lethbridge. Once the PUBlic Professor Series returns, talks will be delivered in person and live-streamed for those who cannot attend. Thank you for your continued support of the series.


Join biological sciences professor, Dr. Julie Lee-Yaw, as she explores

The secrets of salamanders: what can amphibians teach us about environmental change and resilience?

Amphibians are globally considered to be the most threatened vertebrate group, with over 40% of species experiencing declines. But, as a secretive, often unseen species, there is still a lot we don't know about this group.

You may have heard about the salamander crossing tunnels in Waterton Lakes National Park or spotted the little yellow "salamander crossing" sign on your way into the park. Perhaps you have even been lucky enough to encounter a yellow-striped salamander on a trail in the Rocky Mountains or foothills? In this talk, you will learn more about this species and other amphibians in Alberta!

Dr. Lee-Yaw studies the ecological and evolutionary processes shaping the distribution of amphibian populations in Canada. Using a variety of methods, including large-scale field surveys, spatial modelling, and genomics, Dr. Lee-Yaw's research is seeking to answer the question: Why are species where they are (and not elsewhere)? And what do the answers mean for the future of amphibians as the environment changes? 

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