Academic Quality Assurance Committee

Members of the GFC Academic Quality Assurance Committee are governed by the following powers and duties:

  • In consultation with the Deans/University Librarian and senior administrators, select academic programs, academic units, academic support units, and Type A research Centres and Institutes to be reviewed using the Academic Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures.
  • Facilitate the review process to ensure it is proceeding according to the Academic Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures. This includes orienting and advising review personnel, and monitoring and managing the progress of reviews.
  • Receive and evaluate all documents produced for review processes, returning documents when revision is required and approving documents when they are complete.
  • Disseminate the results of quality assurance reviews when they are completed and approved.
  • Report annually to Council on the reviews undertaken and in progress and any issues arising from the review process.
  • In alignment with government timelines and processes, conduct a review of the academic quality assurance policy and process, and take action in accordance with the recommendations that emerge from this review.
  • Develop the action plan, which specifies the recommendations emerging from the review that the program or unit is responsible for implementing.
  • Receive and evaluate reports that describe the progress on implementing recommendations one and three years after review closure.
  • Annually review powers and duties and report their findings to the Executive Committee.


For further information, please see the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)