Admission Standards Members

Committee Chair
Natasha Buis Deering, Executive Director SEM & Registrar, Designate for Michelle Helstein, Provost & Vice President (Academic), ex officio

Ex Officio Members
Kendra Fuglerud, Designate for Executive DIrector (SEM) & Registrar
Scott Marchant, Assistant Registrar, Enrolment
Erin Nordquist, Manager of Admissions & Transfer
Shawn Johnsrude, Dean or Designate, Arts & Science
Kim Brigitzer, Dean or Designate, Business
Richelle Marynowski, Dean or Designate, Education
James Dobbie, Dean or Designate, Fine Arts
Marc Roussel, Dean or Designate, Graduate Studies
Michaela Schultchen, Dean or Designate, Health Sciences
Harold Jansen, University Librarian and Dean or Designate, Liberal Education

Six (6) Academic Staff members, one selected by each Faculty and School Council
Laura Chasmer, Arts and Science, June 30, 2026
Wilf Roesler, Business, June 30, 2025
Danny Balderson, Education, June 30, 2026
Lee Burckes, Fine Arts, June 30, 2026
Laura Vogelsang, Graduate Studies, June 30, 2025
Penni Wilson, Health Sciences, June 30, 2025

One (1) Professional Librarian, selected by the Professional Librarians' Committee
Rhys Stevens, June 30, 2025

Two (2) Undergraduate Students (or Alternate), selected by Students' Union (selected from different Faculties/Schools)
Shane McDougall (Yash Dixit), April 30, 2025
Annie Ebenmelu, April 30, 2025

One (1) Graduate Student (or Alternate), selected by the Graduate Students’ Association
Ademilayo Michael Engibokan (Jaxon Reiter), April 30, 2025

Quorum = 11 Voting Members (Summer Quorum = 9 Voting Members)

Resource Persons (non-voting):
Imaru Baquero, Manager, International Student Services
Asheley Cowie, Recruitment Manager
Marni Morton, Assistant Registrar, Student Info System
Mandy Moser, Institutional Analysis
Cathy Newman, ACAT Coordinator
Kari Sackney, Manager, Strategic Enrolment Communications
Chris Spitzer, Technical Specialist, Student Info System
Marlene Taylor, Manager, Registration & Student Information
Shawn Coburn, Administrative Assistant