Nominations Committee Members

One (1) Academic Staff Member, approved for a two-year term by the Executive Committee from their Academic Staff Committee members and shall serve as Committee Chair.

Michael Stingl, November 1, 2021

Four (4) Academic Staff Members, who are current members of Council, selected by Council

Trushar Patel, November 2, 2021
Leanne Elias, November 2, 2021
Majid Mohajerani, November 14, 2022
Jason Laurendeau, November 14, 2022

One (1) Undergraduate Student serving on Executive Committee, ex-officio
            Jonathan Diaz, April 30, 2021

One (1) Graduate Student serving on Executive Committee, ex-officio
           Rachel Stark, April 30, 2021

Resource Member (non-voting) (Administrative Support):
Jodie Gallais, Director, University Secretariat
Vicki Grisack, Governance Assistant

Quorum = 4 Voting Members (Summer Quorum = 3 Voting Members)