Senate Plan

Connecting Communities

Senate Plan 2023 - 2027

Senate Mission

Senate is an articulated body within the PSLA¹. As volunteer ambassadors for the University of Lethbridge, Senators support the success of the University of Lethbridge in achieving its strategic directions and plans. Senators shall educate and be educated to build awareness of the University and connect into their communities. Senators shall activate to support the University through their involvement in the activities of the Senate. In addition, the Senate is expected to share the views of the community on matters involving and reflecting the University’s activity in the community, with the University.

¹Post-secondary Learning Act of Alberta (PSLA) 13(1), the primary duty of Senate is to “inquire into any matter that might benefit the university and enhance its position in the community.” Additionally, the PSLA 6(1) provides for the Senate to also elect the Chancellor and to grant an honorary degree upon a person PSLA 107(1). 

The Senate Plan 2023 - 2027 was approved by Senate on April 12, 2024.