Executive Committee

The members of the GFC Executive Committee are governed by the following powers and duties:

  • Review the organization and procedures of Council and its committees, and report with appropriate recommendations for improved effectiveness.
  • Approve the agenda for meetings of Council, ensuring that agenda materials are sufficiently developed to afford fruitful debate at Council.
    • Any business that could have been transacted at the original meeting, but was not, shall be considered at the next Meeting of the Executive Committee for inclusion at a subsequent Meeting of Council.
    • Report to Council at each meeting on their activities and provide the approved meeting minutes for information.
  • Prepare a two-year Council meeting schedule and present it to Council for information.
    • If the Executive Committee deems it necessary, a summer meeting of the full Council will be called to deal with business of significance.
  • Review and make recommendations concerning matters not assigned to other committees.
  • Ensure completion of the annual review of powers and duties for all standing committees, and make necessary recommendations to Council on behalf of all committees.
  • Act on behalf of Council for matters requiring immediate action when a Quorum of Council is not reached including, if necessary, the period from June through August. All actions taken on behalf of Council will be reported at the next regular meeting of Council.
    • The Executive Committee may not act on behalf of the Council in establishing procedures under Section 22 (2) of the Act.

The powers and duties of the Executive Committee may be limited as provided by Resolution of the Council from time to time, and in particular the Executive Committee shall not:

  • Remove any member of the Executive Committee;
  • Amend the Bylaws.

Meeting dates for the Executive Committee are contained within the Council meeting schedule. They are generally scheduled for the Monday prior to GFC.