Board of Governors

The Board of Governors (Board) of the University of Lethbridge is a body established by the Post-secondary Learning Act (Act) of Alberta. The Board shares governance responsibilities with General Faculties Council, the senior academic governing body. The Board decides any question that arises regarding the powers and duties of any officer, employee or body of the University, where not specifically identified in the Act. The final decision on the question rests with the Board.

In addition to specific powers identified in the Act, the Board of Governors has the following primary responsibilities:

  • act in the best interest of the institution;
  • manage and operate in accordance with the University's mandate;
  • manage, govern and control the University buildings and land;
  • develop, manage and operate programs, services and facilities for the educational and cultural advancement of the people of Alberta;
  • consider recommendations of the General Faculties Council, if any, on matters of academic importance;
  • provide for the support and maintenance of the University;
  • provide for the betterment of existing buildings;
  • provide for the construction of any new buildings the Board considers necessary for the purposes of the University;
  • provide for the furnishings and equipping of buildings;
  • provide for the establishment of faculties, schools, departments, chairs, programs of student and any other activities the Board considers necessary or advantageous;
  • establish admission requirements;
  • make and publish rules respecting the enrolment of students, programs of study or training and governing the taking of courses, programs of study or training;
  • appoint the President, Vice-Presidents, Registrar, Deans, and any officers, employees or other persons it considers necessary and determine the remuneration, duties and term of employment of officers and employees;
  • set tuition fees in accordance with the regulations.