Academic Appeals & Discipline Committee Members

Committee Chair
Michelle Helstein, Vice-Provost, Designate for Erasmus Okine, Provost & Vice-President (Academic), ex officio

Two (2) Academic Staff Members (two (2) alternates), nominated by the GFC Nominations Committee, selected to represent different Faculties/Schools
Olu Awosoga (Emma Scott), June 30, 2024
Duane Rockerbie (Dawn McBride), June 30, 2023

Two (2) Undergraduate Students (or alternates) selected by Students' Union (selected to represent different Faculties/Schools)*
Rachele Preston (Wezi Mutambo), April 30, 2024
Elisha Wong (Tyler), April 30, 2024

Two (2) Graduate Students (or alternates), selected by the Graduate Students’ Association*
Lambert Heatlie (Vacant), April 30, 2023
Craig MCarthy (Yamin Raza), April 30, 2023

Resource Person (non-voting):
Jodie Gallais, Director, University Secretariat

Quorum = 3 Voting Members (Summer Quorum = 3 Voting Members)

*Undergraduate students serve on those cases concerning undergraduate students, and graduate students serve on those cases regarding graduate students