Library Committee Members

Committee Chair
Harold Jansen, University Librarian, and Dean, School of Liberal Education ex officio

Ex Officio Members
Janay Nugent, Designate for Michelle Helstein, Provost & Vice-President (Academic)

One (1) Academic Staff Member of Deans' Council (or Alternate), selected by Deans' Council
Richelle Marynowski, June 30, 2024

One (1) Associate University Librarian (or Alternate), selected by the Professional Librarians' Committee
Nicole Eva, (Vacant),  June 30, 2025

Two(2) Professional Librarians (or Alternates), selected by the Professional Librarians' Committee
Rhys Stevens (Emma Scott), June 30, 2024
Emily Villanueva (Shannon McAlorum), June 30, 2025

Five (5) Academic Staff Members (or Alternates), selected by each Faculty Council
Jennifer Otto (Brent Devos), Arts & Science, June 30, 2024
Qin Han (EunJoo Koo), Business, June 30, 2024
Beth Cormier (Dawn McBride), Education, June 30, 2024
Paul Sanden (Christine Clark), Fine Arts, June 30, 2025
Callista Chasse (Morgan Magnuson), Health Sciences, June 30, 2024

One (1) Academic Staff Member (or Alternate), selected by Graduate Studies’ Council
Sandy Bakos (Vacant), Graduate Studies, June 30, 2025

Two (2) Undergraduate Students (or Alternates), selected by the Students’ Union
Brittany Allen (Takreem Ghouri), April 30, 2024
Vacant (Wezi Mutambo), April 30, 2024

One (1) Graduate Student (or Alternate), selected by the Graduate Students' Association
Jaxon Reiter (Vacant), April 30, 2024

Names in parentheses are those of alternates

Resource Person (non-voting):
Jackie Geneau, Administrative Support

Quorum = 8 Voting Members (Summer Quorum = 6 Voting Members)