Student Awards Committee Members

Committee Chair
Natasha Buis Deering, Executive Director SEM & Registrar, designate for Kathleen Massey, Vice-Provost, Students, ex officio

Ex Officio Members
Mark Slomp, Executive Director (Student Services)
Chelsea Sherbut, Manager, Scholarships and Student Finance
Erika Scott, Designate for Vice President (External Relations)
Tina Olson, Dean’s Designate (or Alternate) (Arts & Science)
Kim Brigitzer (Wilf Roesler), Dean’s Designate (or Alternate) (Business)
Danny Balderson, Dean’s Designate (or Alternate) (Education)
James Dobbie (D. Andrew Stewart), Dean’s Designate (or Alternate) (Fine Arts)
Deirdre Coburn (Danielle Lenaour), Dean’s Designate
(or Alternate) (Graduate Studies)
Michaela Thompson, Dean’s Designate (or Alternate) (Health Sciences)

Two (2) Academic Staff Members, nominated by General Faculties Council Executive Committee
Hadi Kharaghani, June 30, 2025
Maurice Needham, June 30, 2025

Two (2) Undergraduate Students (or Alternate), selected by Students’ Council and selected from different Faculties
Yewoe Sackey-Forson, (Rachele Preston), April 30, 2024
Wezi Mutambo, April 30, 2024

One (1) Graduate Student (or Alternate), selected by the Graduate Students' Association
Jade Oldfield (Vacant), April 30, 2024

Resource Members (Non-Voting)
Rebecca Gray, Scholarship Administrative Assistance (Recording Secretary)

Quorum = 8 Voting Members (Summer Quorum = 7 Voting Members)