Curriculum Coordinating Committee

The members of the Curriculum Coordinating Committee are governed by the following powers and duties:

  • Receive and consider proposals from Faculty and School Councils regarding academic regulations including examination policy, program requirements, curriculum changes, and the establishment of new credit programs and make recommendations concerning these matters to Council taking into account any relevant recommendations from the most recently completed internal quality assurance process.
  • With respect to all matters cited in i), on its own account and as it may be deemed useful, communicate with and make recommendations to the Faculty/School Councils.
  • With respect to all matters cited in i), determine areas of common concern, coordinate inter-unit interests, and make recommendations concerning these matters to the Faculty/School Councils.
  • Propose policies to Council for approval governing the publication of all official University calendars.
  • Develop procedures for the coordination, preparation, and publication of University Calendars, including the final authorization of text that is the responsibility of other GFC Standing Committees, except text relating to matters over which the Board of Governors has authority and which shall be included in the Calendar as the Board of Governors directs.
  • Annually review powers and duties and report their findings to the Executive Committee.

If required, the Chair of the Curriculum Coordinating Committee shall ensure coordination of matters between the Academic Appeals, Academic Timetable, Admissions Standards Committee and the Curriculum Coordinating Committee.

GFC members can access CCC Reports to GFC at the following website:

CCC members can view current agendas, archived agendas and minutes, forms and more at the Curriculum Coordinating Committee site: .