Iniskim Academic Development Advisory Circle (IADAC)

Members of the Iniskim Academic Development Advisory Circle (IADAC) are governed by the following powers and duties indicated within the GFC Bylaws:

  • In consultation with Iniskim Aawaahskataiksi Council develop Indigenous Academic relationships and initiatives. Make recommendations to GFC and GFC Standing Committees on practical operationalization and implementation of Indigenous academic relationships and initiatives.
  • Manage information flow on Indigenous Academic matters to and from Iniskim Aawaahskataiksi Council, as well as to and from Faculty/School/Library Advisory Circles.
  • Ensure actions are aligned with Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), as well as governance enablers responsible for adhering to policies and regulations at the University. Resource documents to be used as required within the powers and duties: Iniskim Governance Process and Iinnii Document.
  • Meet at minimum twice per semester.
  • The IADAC is encouraged to invite non-members to participate as needed as a means to provide learnings to support the relationships and initiatives.