Iniskim Education Committee Members

Committee Chair
Kathleen Massey, Associate Vice-President (Students) & Heather Mirau, Integrated Planning DIrector [Committee Co-Chairs], designated Co-Chairs  for Erasmus Okine, Provost & Vice-President (Academic) ex-officio

Ex-Officio Members
Leroy Little Bear, Distinguished Niitsitapi Scholar designate for Mike Mahon, President & Vice-Chancellor
Lindi Shade, Manager of Iikaisskini (Gathering Place)
Charlene Bruised Head-Mountain Horse, Indigenous Student Advisor

One (1) On-Campus Elder Representative (or designate)
Frances First Charger

Two (2) Indigenous Community Representatives (preferably one Blackfoot and one from another IndigenousCommunity), selected by the Iniskim Education Committee
Shawn Singer, June 30, 2022
Travis Plaited Hair, June 30, 2022

One (1) Aboriginal Alumni Member (or Alternate), selected by the Iniskim Indigenous Alumni Chapter
Mike Bruised Head (Myles Bruised Head), June 30, 2021

One (1) Undergraduate Student (or Alternate) selected by the Students' Union
Toni Pashe (Richard Lee-Thai), April 30, 2021

One (1)  Graduate Student (or Alternate) selected by the Graduate Students' Association
Yvonne Tiger (Lauren Zink), April 30, 2021

Three (3) Academic Staff members, nominated by General Faculties Council Executive Committee and preferably at least one will be First Nations, Metis or Inuit
Andrea Amelinckx, June 30, 2021
Mary Greenshields, June 30, 2021
Ingee Genee, June 30, 2022

Two (2) Academic Staff members of Deans' Council, selected by Deans' Council
Helen Kelley, June 30, 2021
Mary Ingraham, June 30, 2022

Resource Persons (non-voting):
Jodie Gallais, Director, University Secretariat
Mike Whipple, Director, Office of the President
Roy Weasel Fat, President, Red Crow Community College
Crystal Volk, Administrative Assistant, Associate Vice-President (Students)

Quorum = 9 Voting Members (Summer Quorum = 8 Voting Members)