Destination Project Phase II Steering GFC Ad Hoc Committee

GFC created an ad hoc committee at the meeting of May 6, 2024. The following motions were approved:

General Faculties Council (GFC) approves the Destination Project – Phase II Steering Committee as an ad hoc committee of GFC with the attached noted composition and powers and duties.

General Faculties Council approves that upon the Destination Phase II project scope completion, the GFC ad hoc Destination Project – Phase II Steering Committee will be officially dissolved.


Committee Chair
Michelle Helstein, Provost & Vice-President (Academic), ex officio

Ex Officio Members
Nancy Walker, Vice-President (Finance & Administration), ex officio
Dena McMartin, Vice-President (Research), ex officio
TJ Hanson, Associate Vice-President, Facilities, ex officio
Dean, Arts & Science or Designate, ex officio
Dean, Fine Arts or Designate, ex officio

Seven (7) Academic Staff members, appointed by GFC

One (1) Undergraduate Student

One (1) Graduate Student

Quorum = 9 Voting Members (Summer Quorum = 8 Voting Members)

Resource Persons (non-voting):
Gene Lublinkhof, Director, Campus Development
Janay Nugent, Academic Lead
Kathleen Massey, Vice-Provost (Students)
Darren Schell, Associate Vice-President (Information Technology)
David Hinger, Executive Director, Teaching Centre
Ed deBruin, Director, Facilities Operations & Maintenance
Richard Westlund, Executive Director, Communications, Marketing & Government Relations
Recording Assistant


Specific duties of the Project Steering Committee would include:

i. Oversee the strategic direction of the project and ensure that the project stays within the vision and
mandate of the University;

ii. Official endorsement of key planning documents including the functional program;

iii. Ensure the project stays within the defined scope, budget, and schedule;

iv. Ensure that all potential interested party’s input is received and considered;

v. Review the information received from the consultants and provides appropriate strategic feedback;

vi. With an overall campus wide viewpoint and pertinent consultation with stakeholders, make
recommendations when necessary to advance the project;

vii. Provide endorsement at key project milestones as defined by the project schedule;

viii. Ensure that the project design provides for efficient and economical operation;

ix. Approve any changes that alter the original scope of the project and deals with the implications on
budget and schedule.

o Provide input on various operational models to ensure they meet the needs for teaching and
research and coordinate input from faculty and department staff on various operational
aspects of the project;
o Advise on aspects related to the appropriate functioning of their respective areas of expertise;
o Participate in discussions related to the overall project and provide objective feedback during
discussions that revolve around the limited project budget and increasing expectations;
o Represents the Destination Project at related faculty/department meetings;


Destination Project Phase II Governance & Consultation Document