Emergency Notification System

U of L Telecommunications equips all of our residences with desk phones, providing a default phone service for every room. These Internet Protocol (IP Phones) run over high speed, part of an enhanced 911 service that enables 911 to call you back.

The phone unit is equipped with a Cisco Emergency Responder device which acts as a location based unit identifier. In the event of an emergency or critical incident you will receive an intercom message through the phone accompanied by an alarm and flashing lights.

If the phone unit is disconnected, moved or tampered with, it will appear on a report and you will be asked to plug it back in.

These phones will only work on U of L campus and if the device is removed you will incur additional costs.

The numbers are essentially a 4 digit extension number. You can call out but you cannot receive any calls from off-campus.

The call display will simply indicate "Residence," and room numbers are never published in a directory.

Telephone cables are labelled for your telephone use. They must be connected at all times.

Telephone Resources

See Telecom and Internet Services for details of phone service in residence.

See Troubleshooting my cisco telephone.

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Any questions? Contact ITS Solutions Centre (help desk)