Dining Plan

Dining Plans for 2023/2024

The Residence Dining Plan is mandatory for all first-year students staying in University Hall, Kainai House, and Piikani House residences. Students on a mandatory dining plan may choose the Commuter Plan or the Standard Plan. The $500 dining plan deposit will automatically be deducted from your total balance owing. All mandatory dining plan students are required to pay a one-time $80.00 Innovation Fund Fee.

The Residence Dining Plan is optional for all students living in Siksika House, TsuuT’ina House, Residence Village, or Mt. Blakiston House Residences. Students selecting an optional dining may choose the Commuter Plan, Standard Plan, or Sampler Plan.

All Dining Plans are 8-month contracts payable at the start of the Academic Year

A $500 dining plan confirmation deposit is required from New University Students to accept an Offer of Accommodation.

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Residence Dining Plan Options

Commuter Plan

Our most popular plan is designed for students who are off campus most weekends and those with average appetites. This plan has both base and flex dollars.

2023/2024 Commuter Plan Total Cost: $4,300

Cost Breakdown:

  • Base Dollars: $3,600
  • Flex Dollars: $700


Standard Plan

Appropriate for students on campus alternate weekends and those with larger appetites. This plan has both base and flex dollars.

2023/2024 Standard Plan Total Cost: $4,990

Cost Breakdown:

  • Base Dollars: $3,600
  • Flex Dollars: $1,390 


The Commuter and Standard Dining Plans have two key components: Base Dollars and Flex Dollars.


Base Dollars allow you to purchase food from all Chartwells-operated dining outlets on campus. Base Dollar purchases are tax-free. 

  • Base Dollars are non-refundable. After May 1st, 2024, any remaining Base Dollars will be transferred into Flex Dollars. 


Flex Dollars allow you to purchase food from any Chartwells-operated dining outlet on campus, buy food via the After Hour's residence delivery program, and purchase at most Snack & Beverage vending machines on campus. All purchases are taxable (GST).

  • Flex Dollars are no risk. Any Flex Dollars remaining at the end of the Academic Year will remain active on your student account for the duration of your time at the University of Lethbridge.


Sampler Plan (Option for Continuing Students Only)

Available for those students NOT on the mandatory Dining Plan. Provides convenience and value for daytime dining, vending purchases, and After Hours.  This plan is flex dollars only.

2023/2024 Sampler Plan Total Cost: $2,100

Understanding Your Dining Plan

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2023/2024 Monthly Consumption Schedule

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