Telecom and Internet Services

Internet Access in On-Campus Housing

We know that staying connected is important to you, that’s why all residential units are equipped with the following:

  1. Wired Internet Access

  2. UofL Guest Network Wi-Fi

  3. Telephone Service

What does this mean for you?

Internet access and basic telephone service is available as soon as you move in. No sign-up necessary!

Emergency Preparedness - in the event of an emergency, an audio file and a text message will be sent to each phone to alert residents of emergencies or other critical incidents. Residents can quickly contact campus security and access 911 services.

Cost $102 per term - 2023/2024

See Telephone Emergency Notification System

What this gives you!

A. On-Campus Calling

B. Local Outgoing (Lethbridge) Phone Services:

  • You may place a call to the Lethbridge Area
  • Off-campus caller CANNOT dial your number

C. 911 Services

D. Fast access to Campus Security

Long-distance calls are available by using a Canadian calling card. Follow the instructions on the calling card you have purchased.

See Telephone Resources