ULeth Housing Welcomes you and your Student!

Housing Services focuses on enhancing the student experience and supporting academic success. At uLethbridge, we view on-campus housing as much more than accommodations. Through our effort and dedication, our team is here to assist your student in making their stay with us enjoyable and successful. Our Residence Assistants and the Organization of Residence Students (ORS) are credited with making the residence life experience exceptional and unforgettable. Life-long friendships will be made in residence.

Help support your student’s transition to university!

Living in on-campus housing is an opportunity for your student to expand their horizons - meet new people, try something different, immerse themselves in life on campus, and take advantage of all the activities and resources available. We focus on the health and well-being of the total community in order to support students in their personal and academic pursuits. Did you know students living in residence are more likely to graduate?

Confidentiality of student information, the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act (FOIP) legally prohibits us from discussing any student's file with anyone other than the student and/or guarantor unless we have written authorization to do so. If you require any information (such as billing details) from the Housing office, please have your student speak with the Housing office staff to provide them with the proper information and authorization.

We’re here if a problem arises. Whether it’s a concern with a roommate, a burnt-out light bulb, or getting connected with academic support or student services, we are here to help your student be successful. Should your student have a concern or if they need other support, please encourage them to talk to our Residence Life & Education Coordinator.

We encourage you to learn more about living in On-Campus Housing. Please explore our website. We are here to provide a positive experience for our residents and for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

We wish you and your student well and much success in the upcoming year.

Understanding the Process

It is important that family and friends support and encourage their students as they embark on this new academic pursuit and choose to live in our on-campus community. Help your student succeed academically by encouraging them to be responsible, and accountable, and to grow in this period of their lives.

Be informed! Research provides evidence that students who live in Residence are substantially more likely to succeed to graduation than those who live off campus.

Take the time to review our website and together you will forge through to the beginning of this university and residence experience.

The Housing Contract (Single Student Housing License Agreement) is a legally binding agreement between the student (18 years and older) and Housing Services. If your student is under the age of 18, they will require a parent or guardian to sign the contract on their behalf on move-in day. Housing Procedures for Minors document must be completed by the resident and parent or guardian. Part of the Housing Contract mandates ALL residents read and understand the Community Handbook which includes all the rules and regulations of living on campus.

Please note that if your student is the age of majority, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) prohibits the University of Lethbridge and Housing Services from sharing or discussing the student file with anyone other than the student. The University of Lethbridge and Housing Services will not disseminate photos, billing details, or addresses to any other parties or individuals. If your student wishes to have Housing Services or the University of Lethbridge share information with someone (i.e. parent, guardian, or designate) please ask your student to contact Housing Services to complete the proper authorization.

In accordance with this legislation, please note that any monetary refunds will be made directly to the student. Students are responsible for any outstanding accounts (Student Enrolment and Registrar ServicesCash Office).

In the event you are calling on behalf of your student, please be aware that our staff cannot provide you with any information regarding the following:

  • Application Status

  • Room Assignment

  • Fees on your student’s account

  • Status of breach of residence policies

Your student may contact U of L FOIP Office for more information.

It will cost $160 to apply for On-Campus Housing

  • $60 – application fee (non-refundable)
  • $100 – deposit (Refundable if the student withdraws their application in writing or email before an Offer of Accommodation has been made or if we are unable to offer the student a room. See Cancellation
  • On-Campus Housing is in high demand and NOT GUARANTEED.
  • First-year students living in University HallKainai House, or Piikani House are automatically enrolled in a minimum Commuter Dining Plan, with no option to "opt-out." This is a room and board program (There are no exceptions). See Understanding Your Dining Plan.
  • Room rates include furniture and utilities. Rates are based on a two-term Single Student Housing License Agreement, covering the Fall and Spring terms. Room rates listed are per single student | Per bed |Per 4-month term.
  • We only accept 8-month contracts during the academic year.
  • Anyone who has applied for admission to the University of Lethbridge and has their student ID number can apply for on-campus Housing.
  • Applications OPEN September 15th for the following Academic Year.
  • Single Students – NOT a First Come/First Serve System.
  • Single students are allocated rooms via a Lottery System. Watch for Early-Bird and Lottery draw application deadlines for New University Students announced yearly in the Important Dates calendar.
  • Our experience shows that it is important your student fill out their own online application so we may get an understanding of their room preferences, lifestyle choices, and compatibility with others. You are welcome to join them in this process, but please do not complete the application on their behalf.
  • Applications are only accepted through our online Housing Services Student Application Portal
  • All residence room offers called “Offer of Accommodation” letters are sent by email. Failure to complete the requested actions and pay confirmation deposits by the set deadline will result in the cancellation of the student application. A new application may be submitted by a student online any time after September 15th .
  • Residence (On-campus Housing) Academic Year runs from September to April.
  • Summer Housing is also available for all students. Students may live in residence over the summer months whether they are working in the city or surrounding areas, and/or studying at their own pace. There is no minimum credit enrollment requirement. Students must apply to live in Summer Housing.

First Year Student (New University Student)

  • A student who is within one year of graduating high school with no post-secondary credits
  • New University Students (First Year Students) living in University Hall, Kainai House, or Piikani House are automatically enrolled in a Commuter Residence Dining plan. This is a room and board program and there is no option to “opt out”. Students may choose to upgrade to the Standard Plan.

Gap Year Student (New University Student)

  • A student who is 1-2 years out of high school with no post-secondary credits
  • Gap Year Students living in University Hall, Kainai House, or Piikani House are automatically enrolled in a Commuter Residence Dining plan. This is a room and board program. This is a room and board program and there is no option to “opt-out”. Students may choose to upgrade to the Standard Plan.
  • Typically placed in Kainai or Piikani House apartments.

Continuing | Transfer | Mature Student

  • A student with post-secondary credits or is 21+ years old
  • Continuing | Transfer | Mature Students can purchase an optional dining plan should they wish to purchase one. Dining plans are not mandatory for this group of students.
  • Typically placed in Mt. Blakiston HouseSiksika & Tsuu T’ina House, or The Village
  • The University of Lethbridge's on-campus facilities are home to 1000+ students. All full-time students (9 credits or more per term) whose permanent address is 100km away or further, are encouraged and welcome to apply, as early as September 15th for the following academic year!
  • All housing buildings are located within a 10-minute walk to reach classes, computer labs, dining outlets, athletic facilities, and library or study spaces.
  • Our Single-student residence facilities offer 21 different furnished room styles. From traditional dorms to apartment or townhome living, there is something for everyone!
  • Most first-year students are placed in University Hall (traditional style) dormitory or Aperture Park apartments. Housing room assignments are made based on compatibility and lifestyle selections made during the online application process.
  • First-year students residing in University Hall & Kainai/Piikani House are automatically enrolled in a residence dining plan. This is a room and board program and there is no option to “opt-out”. Students may choose to upgrade to the Standard Plan.
  • Due to high demand, we are unable to GUARANTEE ROOMS to all applicants.

See New University Student Homes

See Room Rates

Coach your student to begin checking their ULeth webmail regularly; watch for important information from Housing Services and other University departments.

If your student wants to check the status of their application they can Contact Us via email or phone.

Follow our Important Dates calendar with your student and remain informed on upcoming important dates and deadlines within the academic year.

The following dates will be included:

  • Move-In
  • Move-Out
  • Housing Fees Deadlines
  • Health and Safety Checks
  • First and Last day of Classes
  • Exam Week
  • Reading Week Breaks
  • Housing Application dates, deadlines, and more

Supporting Your Student

Visit our Move-In page for all the details on how to have a successful move-in day.

New students moving into On-Campus Housing are encouraged to attend the mandatory New Resident Orientation & Welcome (NRO)

If your student is new to the U of L they are invited to attend New Student Orientation (NSO)

When helping your student pack please ensure your student has reviewed the What to Bring & What Not to Bring list for the building they are moving into.

The Academic Year goes by fast and many people bring more than they need. Bring what is important to your student to make their space feel personalized but remember we provide furniture and lounge space.

Your student is living away from home likely for the first time! Now that your student has moved into residence, your role as a coach will be vital.

Encourage your student to use the resources and student services available at the U of L and stay in contact with your student.

Living on campus means living surrounded by a community where many of the residents are going through similar transitions and new learning experiences. It’s a great time and place to meet new people and gain transferable knowledge and skills. Living with roommates can be part of this great experience, but occasionally problems arise. Sharing a living space requires patience, understanding, compromise, and above all, communication.

The UofL residence community is home to students from across Canada and around the world. Part of the experience of living in this community is the opportunity to meet new people and experience the diversity that comes with students of every background living together in an academic community.

Here are some suggestions to help your student have a memorable and rewarding experience:

1. Remind your student to have an open mind and not to rely on first impressions.

  • Move-in day is a huge change for everyone and the stress and heightened anxiety involved on this day may not be the best indicator of anyone’s personality.
  • Furthermore, what makes a roommate different is also what makes them unique and interesting

2. Encourage your student to get involved in housing activities.

  • This will help them transition quickly.
  • Getting to know their neighbour will typically help them get off to a successful academic start.

3. Keep the lines of communication open to allow a safe place to vent their frustrations over the phone.

  • You’re likely to hear all the things they don’t want to say to anyone else, and one day’s “crisis” may well be forgotten the next day.
  • Encourage your student to solve their own problems, knowing that trained Housing Services staff are here to offer support if needed. 

4. Talk to your student about seeking on-campus resources both before and after conflicts arise.

  • Our dedicated Residence Services staff are ready to help and want to live on campus to be the best experience it can be.
  • We can only help if we know what might be wrong.
  • Encourage them not to wait until a problem gets too big.
  • An early conversation is the best way to handle a conflict.

5. Encourage students to exhaust other possibilities before considering a room change or leaving the on-campus community.

  • Not only because we believe they’ll miss all the benefits of living on campus, but also because there are ramifications to breaking the Contract/Accommodation Agreement.
  • Students should be aware of their options before making decisions affecting their housing.
  • Our staff is always here to help.

6. Should your student have a problem with a roommate, if they need to talk to someone, or if they just feel a little homesick, please encourage them to talk to a Residence Assistant or a Campus Life Housing Coordinator.

  • We are all here to provide information and lend a helpful hand or ear.

Staying Connected

Wanting to stay connected with your student by sending mail or care parcels? See Post Office to find your student’s mailing address.

  • Please be aware we cannot provide a room number to anyone; however, if the parcel/letter is clearly addressed to the residence building they live in with your student’s name we will ensure it is delivered to the appropriate assigned room.

All student mail and parcels are received by the shipping and receiving department on campus to be sorted and delivered to Housing Services Office the following day.

  • Please provide at least an extra 24 hrs after delivery to campus for mail to reach your student.
  • Students can pick up parcels at the Housing Office (C420) in University Hall during office hours.

The Housing Services department sends weekly Thursday Newsletter Emails with important information and reminders to all residents.

Encourage your student to read their weekly Housing Headlines email to remain informed. 

Students can also follow us on Social Media via Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Every Fall, the Hugs from Home program is a way for parents to connect with and support their students near the end of the fall term when papers are due and final exams are around the corner.

This time of year can be very stressful and tough to be away from family, it also doesn't help that the days get shorter. It is the perfect time to send your love and encouragement with a Hug from Home! 

If you wish to send your student a gift of support and encouragement you can purchase a gift from the U of L Bookstore.