Types of Housing Contracts

1. Academic Year (8 Month Contract)

Single students who intend to live in residence during the 8 month academic year from September to April sign an 8 month Housing contract.

2. Spring Term Contract

Single students who intend to live in residence from January to April sign a 4 month Housing contract. This offer is based on room availabilty and fees will be pro-rated. 

3. Summer Housing

Summer Housing is available at a discount!  See Room Rates for more details. 

Current Students

Single students who intend to continue living in residence during the summer months must complete a new application form before the end of the spring term.

Note: Due to scheduled summer maintenance in our facilities, you may be required to change rooms/buildings from your spring accommodation location.


General Public

In addition to continuing to provide students with residence facilities throughout the summer months, the University of Lethbridge provides summer accommodations to individual guests, families, teams, or groups of any size.

Each year a block of accommodations are signed over to Conference & Event Services for Summer Residences, from May through August. Conference & Event Services receives access keys to these facilities and accepts responsibility for all maintenance during this time.

Daily, weekly and monthly rates are available. Contact Conference & Event Services.

Personal Property Liability

The University of Lethbridge does not assume any responsibility for personal property, lost, stolen or damaged from any cause. Students are required to arrange insurance to personal property through an insurance agent.

See Tenant Insurance Requirement