This GUEST REGISTRY FORM is required for all guest stays. This form must have the signature of all roommates involved and the RA prior to approval by Housing Services Staff.

Roommate approval is required at all times. In each instance, the host and roommates are strongly encouraged to take some time to talk about the arrangements to gain an understanding of how all parties feel about the potential disruption guests can cause before the guest is invited to stay. If a roommate feels that their rights are violated, it is their responsibility to contact a staff member to help them resolve any conflicts that may have arisen.

The host resident is at all times responsible for the behavior, actions, and/or damage caused by their guest. Violations resulting from the above behaviors can result in further guest privileges being suspended for the remainder of the semester OR a Notice to Vacate is served by the Housing office.

Overnight Guest Restrictions

The Housing Office and the ORS attempt to administer these guidelines with a degree of fairness to ALL residents. Attempts to abuse the process will result in the suspension of guest privilege.

When parking on campus at the University of Lethbridge, guests have the option of using the HonkMobile app or using the pay-by-plate parking technology for hourly parking.

With the HonkMobile app, students, staff, and visitors can seamlessly pay for parking from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The University of Lethbridge uses pay-by-plate parking technology for hourly parking. Parking dispensers are located in all Pay and Park areas on campus.

You don't need to display a daily parking receipt in your vehicle. This integrated parking system sends your license plate number and parking information to our parking enforcement officers.

See Parking & Facilities for more details.