Rights & Responsibilities


What you are entitled to as a student living in Student Housing


What is expected of you as a member of the Residence Community

To a safe and secure residence environment
  • To keep your bedroom and apartment doors locked
  • To not give out your keys
  • To not prop doors open or allow strangers in
To a reasonable peaceful and quiet place in which to study and sleep
  • To respect others
  • To keep your stereo and your voice at a reasonable volume
  • To remind others that you expect the same of them
To reasonable privacy and the proportionate use of your room, both in terms of space and time
  • To let your roommates know of your wishes and preferences for hours of sleep, study and visitation
  • To work through any differences that you may have in a peaceful manner, within the guidelines established by Housing Services
To choose your means of recreation and relaxation
  • To know and abide by the laws of the Province of Alberta and City of Lethbridge, including those pertaining to alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs
To have the assistance of your RA and other Housing and University Staff when you require help
  • To notify a staff member of your problem in a timely manner
  • To cooperate with him or her as he or she works with you to solve your problem
To live free from all forms of unfair discrimination
  • To treat all people with respect and dignity and to foster a tolerant community
To know what is OK and NOT OK in Student Housing