Starting September 2022 - your license plate will now be your permit, no physical paper permit is required.

Campus Parking Permits

Facilities: Campus Mobility Services is responsible for selling resident permits, maintenance and the improvement of all roadways, parking lots, pathways and sidewalks on the university campus.

Contact Facilities: Campus Mobility Services for more information.

See Residence Parking Map

Single Student Parking Allocations

Resident parking passes are in very high demand and sell out quickly. Resident parking permits are not allocated in accordance with the building location, but rather on a first-come, first-serve basis prior to the fall term via Online Check-In System.

The Online Check-In Site is the best way to obtain a parking permit. If you do not reserve a parking permit through Online Check-In please contact Facilities: Campus Mobility Services. Note: Resident permits are limited.

See Guest Parking

Note: the parking permit you receive may not necessarily be in front of the building in which you reside.