Section B

First-Time Sanctions

  • Resident is informed that their behavior did or did not constitute a minor violation of Student Housing rules.
  • Further violations may result in more serious sanctions.
  • Resident is given the opportunity to complete community service hours to offer something back to the campus or local community.
  • This sanction generally accompanies Housing Probation but can be imposed in lieu of other sanctions.
  • Failure to complete community service hours and provide documentation of completion within the standard timeline constitutes a violation of Section A of the Residence Life Policies (A-15).
  • Community Service hours could include the duties of cleaning of the common room, returning bottles from the common area, cleaning the TV room, helping with ORS events, emptying recycling bins, etc.
  • Resident is requested to perform or attend specialized supplemental training such as anger management, alcohol awareness, or substance information or to make an appointment with the University of Lethbridge Counselling Services.
  • The completion of the specified program may be considered to form a part of the resident's contract or Housing probation.
  • Resident is informed that their behavior is a serious violation of Student Housing rules.
  • Housing Probation is considered a serious administrative sanction and is deemed the “final warning” by Housing Services.
  • Committing a Residence Life policy violation – no matter how minor – while on active Housing Probation is a violation of A-15. As with all other Section A violations, the standard and most likely sanction is immediate Student Housing License Termination.

Serious or Repeated Violations

  • The resident is asked to make financial restitution for the specific policy violation(s). This sanction generally accompanies Housing Probation, but can be imposed in lieu of other sanctions.
  • Payment methods and timelines are included (and negotiated) at the time of sanctioning with the Housing Staff reviewing the case
  • Failure to meet the established timelines constitutes a violation under Section A of the Residence Life Policies (A-15).
  • Resident is asked to leave Student Housing for a specified amount of time (usually one year, although a longer period may be imposed).
  • When the resident is notified of this sanction, he or she is normally allowed 24-48 hours to vacate his or her current Student Housing space.
  • Residents who receive this sanction may be denied access to Student Housing or the residential community.

NOTE: Termination of the agreement does not release the student from payment of their financial obligations.

  • Termination of the agreement does not release the student from payment of his or her financial obligations.
  • When the contract is terminated for violation of federal, provincial, or local laws, or for violation of the University or Residence Life policies, the student’s rent will be calculated on a daily occupancy rate or the equivalent of one month’s rent to a minimum of $1000.00 (whichever is greater) and the student will be financially accountable for any damages and the required cancellation fee:
    • $400 for single students
  • Upon expiration of the contract termination period, students who wish to reapply to return to Student Housing must contact the Director of Housing Services for approval of their application.