Electronic Door Access

Key Fobs

Key Fobs are electronic keys used in all Housing Services spaces.

All residents will receive a Key Fob to access personal living space.

Housing Administrative Support Staff

Our Administrative Support Staff are the only individuals who are authorized to activate or deactivate key fobs (C420).

Duplicate Keys

Additionally, Housing Administrative Staff are able to issue duplicate keys to authorized departments or individuals and can expire these keys by time and/or day.


If a key fob is not functioning, Housing staff can identify what the issue is via a code system. Sometimes it is as simple as a dead battery.

New Keys/Lost Keys

Residence Assistants (RAs) & Campus Security Staff cannot create new keys! 

Summer Hotel Accommodations

Each year we sign over a block of accommodations to Conference & Event Services for Summer Hotel Accommodations, from May through August. Key fobs are cleared off prior to the handover and additionally, once Conference & Event Services returns the fobs to Housing Services at the end of the summer.

Battery Level Indicator

The SAFLOK door device is equipped with a battery level indicator. The battery indicator on the door lock device will flash green once and then red five times when the battery is dying.

Please alert Housing that you need a battery replacement on your lock to prevent it from going dead after hours. Please fill out an online maintenance request.

If Your Battery Dies on a Weekend

You will need to rely on an RA or Security staff member to let you into your accommodations all weekend until the Housing Office opens on Monday at 9:00 am.

Providing Residents With Maintenance Notice

Request by Resident via a Maintenance Service Request: If a student has requested maintenance they don’t need 24-hour notice

Regular Scheduled Maintenance: 24 hours notice given to students via formal notification (standard email)

Maintenance Procedures

All maintenance scheduling is done by the Housing Office. Students will be notified and maintenance staff will be provided with a work order, once you submit your online Maintenance Request.

Housing staff will activate a key fob for our maintenance staff. In addition, they are required to sign in and out of assigned room locations.

Maintenance staff must return the key fob to the Housing office at the end of the business day, regardless of whether a job has been completed.

Lost Keys

If lost keys go unreported, the right to a safe and secure environment may be jeopardized. Unreported lost keys will be considered non-returned keys. All charges associated with non-returned keys will apply.

During Business Hours:

  • Call Housing Services at 403-329-2584
  • If the key is later found; Door key (FOB) replacement still applies as a resident was provided with a NEW KEY.

After Hours:

  • Call RAD or the Security Office
  • If you lose your key fob on a weekend or your battery dies, then you must rely on an RA or Security staff member to let you into your accommodations all weekend, until the Housing Office opens on Monday at 9:00 am

  • A guest of a Resident CANNOT request access

Note: Security Services offers a Key Tag Service.

Service Charges for Lost Keys & New Lock Requests:

Electric Door Key (FOB): $75

Complete Lock Replacement: $350

Prices are approximate and subject to change without notice

Note: Non-Returned keys are considered lost and replacement charges are as indicated above.

See Return of Keys

See Damage Repair Charge-Back Pricing