Competitive Rates

In order to ensure that our housing fees are fairly priced, we conduct an annual market analysis of a variety of west side rental accommodations being offered in the City of Lethbridge.

This data is collected from independent rental providers and apartment management companies during the summer months. Costing includes utility, cable and internet fees. To view current rates please see Single Student Fees.

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What is ULINK?

ULink serves as your gateway to many University services like The Bridge, Moodle, Email, Library and more. It is designed to provide centralized access to all the information students need when interacting with the University by consolidating the most commonly used features all into one location.

Click on ULINK to login and review your university course detailed information, Bridge Bucks, Scholarship status and much, much more.

Parents and Guardians / Sharing Of Information

Please note that the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) prohibits us from sharing or discussing a student's file with anyone other than the individual student, including parents and guardians. In accordance with this legislation, please note that any monetary refunds will be made directly to the student. Students are responsible for any outstanding accounts (Registrars' Office, Cash Office).

If students wish to have us share information with a Parent or Guardian, they must contact our office and provide the proper authorization. The student may contact U of L FOIP Office for more information.