Roommate Requests

At the time of on-campus housing application, students may consider roommate requests. This is optional!

If you know the names of other students you would prefer to live within the upcoming term or academic year, you may provide 1 to 3 roommate names on your application. Only mutually requested roommates with matching profile preferences will be considered.

The following is important to note while requesting a roommate -

  1. Your application profile must match that of all roommates you are requesting to live with.
  2. All roommates you request must have matching applications with each other.
  3. If you choose to live in an alcohol-free unit, all your roommates must request the same.
  4. Only those students who mutually select each other can potentially be placed together.

Please note that while we make every effort to accommodate your preferences we cannot always do so.

On-Campus Housing is in high demand and NOT GUARANTEED

Tip: Students with matching roommate profiles and matching room style requests have a better likelihood of being placed together. If your roommate preferences change, please adviseĀ prior to the Deadline to Update Roommate Preferences