Current ORS Council

Meet the current ORS Council Team 2023/2024

The current ORS Council consists of a total of 31 residents who hold the following paid positions:

  • ORS Executive (4)
  • Residence Assistants (RAs) (23)
  • Operations Team (4)

The ORS Executive consists of four individuals, one President, and three Vice-Presidents, who are elected during the annual ULSU elections.


The President leads the ORS Council, with a major focus on the Vice-Presidents and ORS Operations Team, and represents residents to Housing Services, the ULSU, and the uLethbridge community. They are also the Residence Representatives on the ULSU General Assembly.

The President is elected from the resident population who has previously served on the ORS Council and is supervised by Housing Services.


There are three Vice-Presidents on the ORS Council, one for each residence facility:

  • University Hall

  • Coulee View (Kainai House and Piikani House)

  • Parkway (Siksika & Tsuu T’ina House, The Village, and Mount Blakiston House)

They lead their respective facility’s team of Residence Assistants (RAs) and represent their residents to the ORS President, ORS Council, and Housing Services.

They are elected from the resident population who has previously served on the ORS Council and are jointly supervised by the ORS President and Housing Services.

A Residence Assistant is a supportive and approachable peer and leader for the residents of their section and facility. They liaise between their residents, their facility’s Vice-President, the ORS Council, and Housing Services.

With a co-RA, they develop, foster, manage, and protect their inclusive community through social and educational events, programming, opportunities, and everyday interactions. They ensure their residents have the opportunity to:

  • Be active and contributing members

  • Be healthy in mind and body

  • Feel safe and comfortable

  • Achieve academic, personal, and professional success

RAs uphold and enforce the expectations, policies, and violations found in the Community Handbook, and the decisions of Housing Services and ORS. They do so in a professional, fair, and effective manner. When scheduled, they are the Residence Assistant on Duty (RAD). The RAD is the first responder to any situations or emergencies that arise in their facility, and when necessary, is responsible for engaging the required supports and resources (i.e. Security Services, Housing Services, emergency services, etc.).

A Residence Assistant (RA) is hired from the resident population and jointly supervised by the facility’s Vice-President and Housing Services.

Interested in becoming an RA?

See Apply to Join ORS Council

Peer Education Programmer

The PEP’s focus is to liaise with uLethbridge’s academic community (i.e. residents, academic advising offices, co-operative education offices, Student Success Centre, Writing Centre, etc.). They develop and implement educational events, activities, and programming (professional and peer-to-peer) that connect residents with the understanding, information, skills, services, and resources necessary for academic success.

They also create and enhance the academic study spaces, resource libraries, and information displays within residence.

The Peer Education Programmer is hired from the resident population and supervised by Housing Services.

ORS Business Manager

The Business Manager is responsible for the management of ORS’ financial assets and practices, including budgeting, bookkeeping, and reporting. This position prepares and distributes meeting minutes as requested by the ORS Executive. This position plays a key role in determining the financial direction of ORS and ensuring its financial health and stability.

The ORS Business Manager is hired from the resident population and supervised by the ORS Executive

ORS Communications Manager

The Communications Manager is responsible for the management of ORS’ communication mediums (i.e. website, social media, etc.). 

The ORS Communications Manager is hired from the resident population and supervised by the ORS Executive.

ORS Facilities Manager

The Facilities Manager is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of ORS equipment and non-financial assets (i.e. exercise equipment, TVs, pool tables and cues, cleaning carts, etc.). This position also manages ORS’ rooms and spaces, including upkeep, organization, and improvements.

The ORS Facilities Manager is hired from the resident population and supervised by the ORS Executive.

(RAD- Residence Assistant On-Duty)

U-Hall RAD / Parkway RAD / Coulee View RAD - RAD numbers are displayed throughout housing facilities. Residents are encouraged to note their facility’s RAD number by writing it down or saving it in their phone.

If, for some reason, you are unable to get through due to a busy signal or an "Out of Service" message, leave a message on the RAD's door.

If the RAD does not contact you within a reasonable period of time please report your situation to an ORS council member.

If it is an emergency please call Campus Safety at 403-329-2345.