Bridge Bucks Information

What are Bridge Bucks?

Bridge Bucks funds are a safe and convenient method of transacting goods and services at the University of Lethbridge. Your money is deposited in a central account and your University ID Card is used as a debit card to access your dollars. No banking fees are associated with using this debit card feature. Using your ID card as a form of payment gets you through the checkout line fast with no PIN to enter and no chance for error.

Bridge Bucks are left on your account until the next academic year and carried forward year after year provided you have an active University ID Card. Bridge Bucks are not redeemable for cash.

You can use your Bridge Bucks all around campus

These University operations will accept payment by Bridge Bucks through a simple swipe of the card.

  • Urban Market - U-Hall
  • Starbucks - LINC Level 9
  • SUBWAY (U-Hall location only)
  • Tim Hortons – 1st Choice Savings Centre
  • Booster Juice - 1st Choice Savings Centre
  • Carvery + Bakery (C+B) in the Science Commons Building
  • Residence Express - After hours delivery with select vendors (on Campus delivery only)
  • Bookstore - Student Union Building Level 2
  • Print and Copy
    • Library and Computing Labs
    • Study Centre - U-Hall Atrium
    • Central locations in U-Hall and Anderson Hall
    • Calgary Campus - NEW
  • Most U of L vending machines except in the Students Union Building
  • All Residence Laundry Facilities - U-Hall C4, U-Hall E4, Kainai House, Piikani House, and Mount Blakiston House

To Purchase Bridge Bucks

You can purchase Bridge Bucks at the following locations:

  • University of Lethbridge Cash Office - Located in Anderson Hall
  • Online (Credit Card Only) - Mycard Manager site
  • Through your Financial Institution - see Financial Services Payment Methods
  • Self-serve Cash Load Stations
    • LINC - Level 10, Directly inside the Library doors
    • LINC - Level 9, Across from Starbucks
    • Science Commons Building Level 7
    • Anderson Hall
    • U-Hall - E6, Outside the Student Computer Labs
    • U-Hall - A6, Outside Urban Market
    • Mount Blakiston House, across from the Conference and Event Services Office

I Lost my U of L ID card, what should I do?

Go to the Mycard Manager site and deactivate your ID Card as soon as possible (Click on the Settings "gear" icon on the top right corner and select the "Suspend card" tab).

The card number you will suspend will start with "6018..."

If you have no immediate access to the internet, call the ITS Solutions Centre (403) 329-2490 to protect your Bridge Bucks and/or Dining Plan funds from being used without your knowledge. Note: This deactivated ID card can never be used again and must be replaced by visiting the ITS Solutions Centre (TH210 - Turcotte Hall) to regain access to these funds.

Please note: Deactivating your ID card here WILL NOT prevent your ID card from being used for other purposes including door access and library privileges. Contact the University Security Services Office (403) 329-2345 or visit at L911 located in the LINC building to complete the deactivating process.

Anyone can buy Bridge Bucks!

Anyone can purchase and use Bridge Bucks even if they are not a member of the University community. There are Bridge Bucks Cards available to purchase at the Cash Load Station located in the University Library Level 10, just inside the Library doors. This card can be reloaded and used in exactly the same way as the University ID cards. The card costs $1 and any amount over $5 can be put on the card initially. Bridge Bucks cards are also not redeemable for cash.

Requesting a Bridge Bucks Refund

If you encounter an issue with the Follow-You printing system and would like to request a refund please fill out the Bridge Bucks Refund form from the Printing Services Department.

Bridge Bucks refunds for other circumstances like withdrawing from the University, are handled on a case by case basis and can be requested through the University Cash Office AH144 - Anderson Hall.