Continuing | Transfer | Mature Student Homes

Apartments & Townhomes

Mount Blakiston House (apartments), Siksika House & Tsuu T'ina House (townhomes), and the Village (townhomes) are geared toward Continuing, Transfer, and Mature Students. 

Please note, that all bedrooms are single-occupancy. 

  1. Students must be enrolled in full-time studies at all times (9 credits or more per term).
  2. While all students are welcome to apply, preference for on-campus Housing is given to non-local students. 

Due to high demand, we are UNABLE to guarantee rooms to all applicants.

Returning and continuing students are provided the option to apply for all-gender accommodation in select unit types. All-gender housing places students in an apartment or townhome that is open to students of all genders. This allows students of different genders to live together. Only students who request this option on their application will be assigned to an all-gender housing unit. No student will be randomly assigned to an all-gender housing unit.

Only a select number of townhome and apartment units are all-gender, so not all students who request this option will be assigned to one. All townhomes and apartments have single occupancy bedrooms, meaning that all students have their own room and share a kitchen, common area, and bathroom(s) with a roommate(s).

Selecting all-gender housing as an option on the application does not affect the priority of the application. Any student including those who have requested all-gender housing can request a roommate(s) they wish to live with on their housing application.

Please don’t hesitate to contact or 403.329.2584 if you have any questions or would like to know more.