Get Involved

Become Involved

There are several ways to become involved with On-Campus Housing Life and the Organization of Residence Students. ORS actively encourages resident participation in all of these ways:

Your RA will hold meetings to gather information about any ideas, problems, or opinions that you may have, and they will address them to the best of their ability. Most Floor Meetings occur during the evening and they will be filled with useful information about upcoming events on campus and in on-campus housing, or about possible concerns that a section or floor should be made aware of. Please make the effort to attend every Floor Meeting because they are a great link between you and your RA.

Every month, an event will be held for your floor or section. Your RA will invest ORS funds to hold an exciting and entertaining event. Sometimes, these involve more than one floor or section, so Floor Events are a great way to meet new people living in on-campus housing. If you have a great idea for a Floor Event, run it past your RA! We would love to hear about a great spot where residents can enjoy themselves!

Think “Floor Event” only on a much larger scale! Trips to Calgary Roughneck’s games, Slip-n-Slide races down the Breezeway, and maybe even a big-name concert held in the Zoo. All of these things have been done in the past and these events can fill up quickly so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. There will be 3 Facility Wide Events each term and they will all be a great chance to experience locations outside of on-campus housing. And once again, if you have an amazing idea that you think could be a great event, please let anyone on ORS know. Since these events do take a bit of time to coordinate, the more time we have to think and plan, the more likely it is that we can make your idea happen.

The highlight of ORS events! Cabs are a great way to get out of housing and have a fantastic night. Several Cabs are held throughout the year. Each Cab will have a different theme, so dig out the costumes and dress up. Cabs allow you to bring an off-campus guest to the University to see just how much fun it is to be a resident here at the University of Lethbridge. Your RA will have tickets for sale, but there is a limited supply so get them quickly.

ORS manages and runs a number of committees that play a key role in the way residents spend their stay here on campus. While social events are an essential part of On-Campus Housing Life, we are all students as well. These committees attempt to branch out into different areas of Residence Life including Health & Wellness, Communications, Residence Wars, and others.

On these committees, we are looking for student representation and contribution. To find out more about the committees, their duties, and what is involved if you would like to be an active participant, please contact any ORS council member.

ORS is an extremely rewarding organization. It offers great opportunities for those who really enjoy on-campus housing and want to make it a better place for all students. Each year, a new Executive (VP University Hall, VP Parkway, VP Coulee View, and ORS President) is elected by the students living in on-campus housing that year. In order to run for one of these positions, you must be in good standing with ORS and you must have served at least one full term on the Residence Council. These positions offer opportunities to really shape residence at the University of Lethbridge.

Once the New Executive is elected, they assist Housing Services, in hiring the new Residence Council Members for the following year. This means that each year if you are really interested in ORS, there is a chance to be hired as part of next year's Residence Council as either an RA or Operations Team Member. All of the information regarding how to actually apply to be an RA or Operations Team Member will be made available to you via your RA during the second term. One thing to remember is that the people who will be hiring the ORS Council Members for next year will most likely be RAs from this year’s Council. So, get to know your RAs, they might be your co-workers or your leaders next year!