Fire Safety

Fire Alarms

In University Hall the fire alarm is a two-stage system

  1. Slow, pulsed ring that signals, “Go to your room and prepare to evacuate”.
  2. Steady constant pulse that signals you to evacuate now.

In the event a fire alarm sounds

  1. Locate and put on clothing appropriate for current weather conditions.
  2. Shut your window, and exit the building quickly.

Do NOT Remain in Your Room

It is a violation of Housing policy and Municipal Bylaws to remain in your room while the building fire alarm is sounding. A fine can be levied by the fire department if you stay in your room. See Residence Life Policies: Student Conduct

Residence Assistants (RAs)

During a fire alarm, the Residence Assistant on Duty will come around to make sure that all residents have evacuated the building.

Residence Assistants will advise you of evacuation locations in the event of a fire alarm.