Matthew Hammer | Neuroscience (Co-op)



“Never put things off! If you want to work with a prof, start asking right away, even in your first year. Same for co-op; get involved as soon as possible and start exploring the possibilities right away!"

Favourite Class: History of Rock
Favourite Social Activity: Grabbing a drink with a friend at the Zoo (or a coffee instead)
Favourite Study Spot: Anywhere in the Science Commons

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • My co-op work terms at the Lethbridge Agriculture Research Centre and at Camp Tamarack

  • U of L’s Liberal Education Policy

  • Working with everyone at the Career Bridge office, and being an ambassador for the co-op program

  • Starting an Independent study and working directly with professors

  • Being a part of the Global Citizenship Cohort in my first year