Madeline Szabo | Neuroscience

Madeline Szabo


“Get involved, do your best, and don’t forget to take care of yourself first and ask for help when you need it! Everyone has special interests and skills that can thrive at the U of L. Whether you’re interested in athletics, volunteering, the arts, research or any other number of things, there is a team, a classroom, a club and a group of people where you belong. It makes University so much more special and fun to do things you love! Finally, look after yourself and your mental and physical health, you are the most important person even when school and life and everything else gets crazy! There are resources, faculty, staff and friends at every corner to help you along the way, so take full advantage.”

Favourite Class: Evolution of Brain and Behaviour
Favourite Social Activity: Hanging out with my teammates, whether it’s at basketball/hockey games or our track meets, or during volunteer opportunities
Favourite Study Spot: The Library or Starbucks!

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Athletics: My experience as a Track and Field athlete at the U of L has been amazing so far. I am a hammer thrower, and it’s here I have been given access to great training facilities and equipment, wonderful teammates, my amazing Coach Larry, and a huge amount of support
  • Volunteering/Service: There are countless ways that living in Lethbridge and attending the U of L allows me to give back; some examples of places I volunteer are Operation Red Nose, The Rotaract Club, Chinook Regional Hospital, Big Brothers Big Sisters, All Saints Parish, and coaching local youth
  • Academics: Learning from some of the leading neuroscientists and seeing firsthand the research that is being done is an incredible opportunity, and with the new science building being built it is exciting to see what else is in store. Dr. Shelly Wismath has been a huge support for me and has reinforced to me the privilege I have in accessing a liberal education
  • Student Services: since being at the U of L there has been no shortage in support in a variety of ways. Academic advising has been extremely helpful, and the health and counselling services on campus have truly played a big role in my success. There are also constantly opportunities for students to receive help whether it’s with school, studying habits, future careers and success and mental health initiatives, which makes the U of L stand out to me as a school that really cares about its students