Cayley Fleischman | Neuroscience



“There’s a ton of stereotypical advice aimed at future university students, but my only advice to you is to study what you enjoy and look forward to your uLeth experience! Know that it’s perfectly fine to experiment with classes and majors until you find the discipline that you truly enjoy! Once you do find the subject that excites and inspires you, things, like studying for exams, attending lectures, and completing labs or tutorials, won’t feel like a burden or another monotonous task on a long list; rather, they become an opportunity to learn something cool or something you can use to impress your friends or family!"

Favourite Class: Brain & Behaviour
Favourite Social Activity: Fresh Fest
Favourite Study Spot: I practically lived on the 9th Floor of the Library in my first year!

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • I’m a third-generation student (my mother and my grandmother both completed their degrees at the U of L) and I was curious to know how my experience would compare to their own
  • At the end of my first year, I ran for the position of Arts & Science Representative for the University of Lethbridge Student’s Union (ULSU) and was shocked when I was elected to one of the six positions
  • With the university’s philosophy of Liberal Education, I’ve taken several classes outside my major. An Epidemiology class prompted me to add a minor in Population Health
  • Over the summer, I was truly honoured to study in Dr. Robbin Gibb’s Lab at the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience via an Applied Studies course
  • My uLeth experience would not be complete without the dedicated and inspiring educators I’ve had the privilege of studying under; I would sincerely like to thank Dr. Robbin Gibb and Professor Jennifer Burke for inspiring me to feel excited about my future in education and research as well as other educators at the U of L who have inspired other students’ yearning for education