Jhanvi Mehta | Neuroscience (Co-op)



“Don’t be shy! Everyone is pretty friendly, professors included. Your time in university will be so much more enriched and enjoyable if you step outside your comfort zone. Maybe join a club or an intramural team, try an independent study, or volunteer with new organizations. There are a lot of amazing research opportunities and activities to do within your degree, you just have to look for them. The people you meet and opportunities that come your way will be what makes the next 4-5 years so exciting! It’s definitely worth taking some risks and trying something new."

Favourite Class: Neuropsychology
Favourite Social Activity: The Colour Run
Favourite Study Spot: The Science Commons

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Completing my AIHS summer studentship has allowed me to gain so many laboratory skills and exposed me to different avenues of research

  • My independent studies under Dr. Robbin Gibb introduced me to how research is conducted and gave me the opportunity to assist with a novel project studying the effects of high-CBD cannabis on behaviour

  • Volunteering with Let’s Talk Science became a way for me to share my love of science and express my passion for teaching in the community

  • Presenting research at the Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference

  • Meeting some of my closest friends throughout these last 3 years