Janet Poplawski | Neuroscience (Co-op)

Janet Poplawski


“It’s never too early to get involved! Take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the university. Don’t just stop at going to classes. Get involved with research and volunteering and Co-op and clubs; take your degree beyond the classroom! And explore classes you’re interested in, even if they’re out of your comfort zone. I loved taking French classes, even though my major is neuroscience.”

Favourite Class: English 2400 - Survey of English Literature I
Favourite Social Activity: Anything with the French Club
Favourite Study Spot: Library

My uLethbridge experience:

  • 3 years of research experience as an undergraduate student; presented at national conferences; all while leading my very own project!
  • The classes were small, which let me get to know my profs
  • The co-op program makes it so easy to make connections and get to know people working in your field
  • Running the French Club was such a fun experience!
  • I got to teach a French lab as an undergraduate!