The $1.65 million six year NSERC CREATE Biological Information Processing (BIP) program ended March 31, 2018, and is no longer funding trainees.

The University of Lethbridge has succeeded in assembling an internationally renowned group of scientists focused on understanding information processing in biological systems. The group includes principal investigators in Neuroscience, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, and Kinesiology & Physical Education in Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton, as well as international collaborators and private industry partners. We are privileged to be associated with world-class expertise from our local, national, and international collaborations to provide students with the key knowledge base and tool-kit that will be necessary to bring the next generation of neuroscientists and related life scientists to the forefront of the discipline. Collaborations with national and international partners enhances awareness of alternative educational and social systems of science, broadens perspectives, and provides a greater range of future prospects for training and employment.