Dr. Artur Luczak

Name: Artur Luczak

Phone: 403.394.3974

E-mail: luczak@uleth.ca

Office: EP1216

Lab: EP1241

Website: http://lethbridgebraindynamics.com/artur_luczak

PhD - Jagiellonian Univ., Poland
MSc - Wroclaw University of Technology

Research highlight:
We showed that to maximize metabolic energy, individual neurons need to predict their own expected future activity. This suggests a new learning algorithm in the brain (Nature Machine Intelligence 2022).

- Introductory workshop on computational methods in neuroscience (Summer semester)
- Introduction to Programming and Statistics in Matlab
- Brain and Behavior (Neur2600)


Dr. Artur Luczak received a MSc in Biomedical Engineering, and in 2002 he obtained a PhD from Jagiellonian University, Poland. During that time he was also awarded fellowships in the Netherlands, France, and Italy. During his postdoctoral training at Yale University and at Rutgers University, he studied information processing in neuronal populations using experimental and theoretical methods. In 2009, Dr. Luczak joined the University of Lethbridge were he is currently a professor of neuroscience.

Representative Publications:

Luczak A, McNaughton BL, Kubo Y. Neurons learn by predicting future activity. Nature Machine Intelligence (2022)

Ryait et al. Data-driven analyses of motor impairments in animal models of neurological disorders. PLOS Biology (2019)

Neumann et al. Involvement of fast-spiking cells in ictal sequences during spontaneous seizures in rats with chronic temporal lobe epilepsy. Brain (2017).

Luczak A, McNaughton BL, Harris KD. Packet-based communication in the cortex . Nature Rev Neurosci (2015)

Bermudez Contreras et al. Formation and reverberation of sequential neural activity patterns evoked by sensory stimulation is enhanced during cortical desynchronization. Neuron (2013)

Luczak A, Bartho P, Harris KD. Gating of sensory input by spontaneous cortical activity. J.Neurosci. (2013)

Luczak A, Barthó P, Harris KD. Spontaneous events outline the realm of possible sensory responses in the auditory cortex. Neuron  (2009)

Luczak A, Barthó P, Marguet SL, Buzsáki G, Harris KD. Sequential structure of neocortical spontaneous activity in vivo. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (2007)