Claire Niehaus | Neuroscience

Claire Niehaus Shining Student


“Get involved and take control of your university experience. Coming to university can be incredibly intimidating but be assured, everyone is just as nervous as you are! Step out of your comfort zone and join a club, pursue a class you find personally interesting and reach out to other like-minded students. University is a place that fosters both academic and social advancement and you get to be an active part of that. Take advantage or every opportunity presented to you, work hard, and try to find the best in every day.”

Favourite Class: Research Methods in Neuroscience
Favourite Social Activity: Fresh Fest
Favourite Study Spot: Library, 9th Floor

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Independent studies are an incredible opportunity to dip your toes in the world of student research and contribute to significant scientific advancements led by leading researchers in their field
  • Summer Student Research work terms have allowed me the opportunity to explore and pursue my interest in scientific research and further my research potential
  • Honours Thesis: This course allows students the opportunity to work independently on a research project under the supervision of a professor and will allow me to advance my research capabilities and critical reasoning
  • Volunteering with Let’s Talk Science has been an incredible opportunity to share my love of science with others through outreach and bringing science experiments into classrooms and to community events in Lethbridge and the surrounding area
  • Undergraduate Presentation Experience: The University of Lethbridge provides immense opportunities for students participating in research to share their learning and accomplishments through undergraduate conferences hosted at the university as well as encouraging and accommodating students attending conferences throughout the province. The opportunity to converse with and learn from peers both in my discipline and in other disciplines is a great asset in my academic future