Course Catalogue

This section contains the descriptions of courses offered at the uLethbridge. The University assigns an abbreviated designation to each course subject. These subject abbreviations are listed in parentheses for subjects included in the Calendar's course listings. The courses are arranged in alphabetical order by course title not by abbreviation.

The appearance of a course does not guarantee that the course will be offered during the academic year. The University reserves the right to add, modify or withdraw any course or courses without notice.

Information about which courses will be offered - when, where and by which instructor - is provided in the current term Timetable, available through Student Enrolment and Registrar Services, and online at

Course Descriptions for previous calendar years can be found in the the Courses section of the applicable Academic Calendar.

Course Catalogue (2022/2023)

Course descriptions for courses offered from May 2022 - April 2023.

Undergraduate Course Catalogue

Graduate Studies Course Catalogue