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Graduate Studies - Neuroscience/CCBN

The Department of Neuroscience in the CCBN offers MSc and PhD degrees in Neuroscience. The goal of the graduate program is to train and educate students for careers in neuroscience research and teaching in university and private industry settings. Students have an opportunity to learn the state of the art experimental techniques and research approaches, in addition there are opportunities to learn how to teach effectively, to learn about science entrepreneurship, professional ethics and about influencing science policy.

The program draws on the research and teaching expertise of 17 individuals who form a strong, world-class research group that boasts an admirable publication and funding rate. Nearly all of our tenured faculty hold current research chairs. This is a dynamic group of researchers who are at the forefront of their fields, expanding the boundaries of knowledge and driving the limitations of neurotechnology daily.

Research at CCBN occurs within a close-knit community housed under one roof that is dedicated to neuroscience research. Students enjoy a highly interactive and intellectually stimulating environment aimed at providing a team approach to the young scientist’s education and apprenticeship. This environment allows students to tailor their education and training specific to their interests and discover their talents and passion. Graduates of our program are found at major research and teaching universities across North American and Europe, as well as at the head of private companies.

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