Adjudication Process

Residence Life Policy Violations

Residents will be held accountable for violations of Residence Life policies. By virtue of their resident status, residents face Housing Services administrative action.

At the same time, by virtue of their University of Lethbridge student status, residents may also be subject to University disciplinary sanctions through other University channels.

Residents Involved in Incidents in Student Housing generally:

1. Meet with Housing Services to discuss the facts of the incident.

  • All students are entitled to bring a representative of their choosing to disciplinary meetings. It is the responsibility of the student to provide their own representative.*

2. Receive written notice of being found “responsible” or “not responsible” for a Residence Life Policy violation.

3. Receive written notice of any sanction imposed.

4. Receive written notice of the incident having been referred for University discipline hearing/sanctioning.

5. May appeal the sanction decision to the appropriate administrator within the stated timeline.

6. *Not all infractions warrant a student meeting and the Student may not always be summoned. However, students at all times reserve the right to request a meeting with Housing Services.